Good Food in the Windy City

Over the past weekend, we had the opportunity to launch our new brand and packaging at the Good Food Mercantile at the lovely Revel Fulton Market in Chicago. Alongside 84 other incredible craft food producers and fellow Good Food Merchants Guild members, we shared samples of our chocolate, brownie mix, and hot cocoa mix with hundreds of specialty food retailers around the country. The feedback was fantastic, and to be surrounded by so many like-minded folks was nothing short of magical. We love our good food community!

We are super passionate about not only crafting delicious chocolate, but doing so in a responsible manner. We have deep respect for farmers and care about how the ingredients we source are grown. This is the core of what the Good Food Merchants Guild is trying to do - to help spread the word about small, socially and environmentally responsible food producers who are making wonderfully delicious food the way it should be made. 

Our membership in the Guild as well as being honored with a Good Food Award for 2016 has been such a wonderful experience and we are truly grateful for the doors this has opened for us. Along with all of the other wonderful good food producers out there, we can make a difference in the impact our food has on the earth and our global community.