A better life with Chocolate Slim

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Are you trying to lose weight, but no method of weight loss seems to work? Do you have an important event in your life and want to lose weight fast to look perfect? Do you want to get to the weight you had in your youth? We present Chocolate Slim, the food supplement that promises weight loss of up to 10-15 kg in just 4 weeks of use!

The product is in the form of a chocolate-based powder that turns into a miraculous drink of weakening in the shortest time.

the package

Effects – what should you expect


Chocolate containing over 50% of cocoa beans comes with a suite of benefits for our health that we can not ignore, and beyond that, it can hurry the process of slimming. But it is best to use slimming products and to replace breakfast or lunch with a shake.

If you’re using a weight-loss product, you’ll always be curious to know from the start how much you can lose weight. Chocolate Slim is a product that promises an overwhelming efficiency. Studies and statistics have been conducted by testimonials given by those who used this drink for weight loss.

On average, it was concluded that a person using it may lose up to 10 to 13 kilograms in a single month. Of course, if you enjoy an active metabolism that responds well to this type of cure, then you have the chance to lose even 15 pounds in a month.

It seems incredible, but it is true!


Why Chocolate Slim and not another supplement?


chocolate slim shake powder in the morningBecause this slimming drink is a natural product that has as its component not only chocolate but also many other nutrients. In this way, Choco Slim gives us the chance to make the most of the properties of cocoa beans.

We can even safely replace one of the main meals of the day. The most appropriate is to substitute the breakfast with a slimming drink, every morning. In this way we will provide our body with all the nutrients it needs to start a new day.


What ingredients does it contain?

Chocolate Slim is a natural dietary supplement made from organic cocoa powder, green coffee, and goji fruit, which make it a balanced source of vitamins and nutrients, allowing you to replace a meal with it. Cocoa powder is obtained according to the highest standards, contains betaine, phytonutrients, and dietary nitrates.

This product contains very common ingredients in the weight loss industry, namely, oat fiber, soy lecithin, natural cocoa, goji berries, green coffee and a blend of vitamins and minerals.

On the whole, Chocolate Slim is warmly recommended for both women and men who want to lose weight quickly, easily and effectively. We can hope that cocoa flavanols are still abundant in their formula since they are the main benefit of chocolate consumption – beyond the wonderful taste we all know!


Using this supplement, you can enjoy a delicious chocolate drink and at the same time all the health benefits it offers. To take the first step, visit the company’s website today.


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Chocolate and it’s benefits!

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Rich in lipids and carbohydrates, chocolate contains an average of 500 kcal / 100 g and should not be banned from food, and because it brings many vitamins, it stimulates the nervous system and morale, unlike other nutrients that are low in nutrients but rich in calories. To take advantage of its benefits without fattening it is recommended to consume a dark chocolate bar (about 30 g) (with at least 70% cocoa) a day.

The best chocolate for health is the one that contains as little as possible of fat and sugars, that is dark chocolate. Chocolate containing palm oil should be avoided. Chocolate with milk contains a large amount of milk and sugar. White chocolate has a low consistency due to the lack of cocoa.

Dark Chocolate - Short History & BenefitsShort History


Since the American Indians have transformed the cocoa beans into cocoa powder, people are obsessed with chocolate. For thousands of years, we have consumed it and, given the special relationship we have, chocolate turned into real art!

Chocolate appeared in Central America about 4,000 years ago. The cocoa comes from the fruit of the cocoa tree, being the end product of a process involving the roasting and scraping of the grains. Originally prepared as a blend of cocoa powder and a drink, drinking chocolate was used by indigenous peoples in important religious and social rituals along the Amazon basin and Central America, including the Mayan and Aztecs. Cocoa beans were so valuable that they were used as coins in the Aztec Empire.



Chocolate is rich in minerals. Consuming a chocolate chip allows us to “get full” with minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus, but also with potassium, iron or vitamins, especially those in group B. Associated with a varied diet, chocolate also favors maintaining balance food. But beware of what you choose: choose quality dark chocolate and avoid crackers or other sugar-rich desserts that do not provide an important food intake.

It can be a natural antidepressant. Chocolate is excellent for moral, due to its high magnesium content, a trace element known for its relaxing effects and its importance in transmitting nerve impulses to the brain. Also, because of the increased content of theobromine and phenylethylamine, two substances with a brain-like structure of amphetamines increase the activity of neurotransmitters.

Combats wrinkles. Chocolate is part of the “top 10” of youth food. Cocoa is indeed one of the most flavonoid-rich foods, and especially catechins, known for their antioxidant properties. To take advantage of its many benefits, consume dark chocolate. It helps maintain a young and dynamic body. Attention to chocolate with milk and the white one, which due to its low cocoa content is poor in flavonoids.

Prevents the onset of cardiovascular disease. Flavonoids, containing cocoa and dark chocolate, have a protective role against cardiovascular disease. They favor lowering LDL-cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”) and protect the elasticity of the vascular walls.

Chocolate prevents hypertension. Due to the high content of flavonoids, dark chocolate significantly lowers blood pressure and helps stabilize it over time. It also prevents type II diabetes.

Finally, nutritionists recommend eating chocolate with moderation, as they contain a large amount of fat and sugars.

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Why you should choose Chocolate Slim if you have sweet cravings

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Are you overweight? Are you trying to lose weight and fail? Do you have any health problems caused by overweight? Do you want to be weak and healthy?

It is very difficult for someone who has taken many excess kilos to lose weight fast. However, now there is a solution, Chocolate Slim. This is a unique product to reduce weight effectively without harm to health, with a natural, tonic and fat burner effect.

chocolate tablets

The concept of slimming chocolate is not bad. Especially for those who love chocolate and sweets in general. This product seems to mimic the taste of chocolate very well, which is excellent.

What you see is what you get

It is a natural supplement for slimming, presented as a hot chocolate shake. It comes in a chocolate powder pack that is similar to a hot chocolate or cappuccino.The high level of antioxidants along with natural cocoa leads to accelerating metabolism. The extract of Ganoderma lucidum and goji fruit helps maintain the body. Chocolate Slim does not irritate the gastrointestinal system, does not cause burns and is not contraindicated for stomach and intestinal diseases. It is also widely used in training.

The benefits of this product are numerous, including: burn and remove fat, stop appetite, fighting with cellulite, invigorate and stimulates the body. Also, it helps you with sweet cravings.


Cocoa - important ingredientThe 100% natural ingredients are goji, cocoa, green coffee, Chia seeds, and Ganoderma mushrooms.

Cocoa is known for its properties to effectively combat excess appetite for sweets but especially for boosting dopamine production (the nervous system hormone) and for speeding up fat burning processes.

Green coffee no longer needs any presentation, given the popularization it enjoys. It is known to have maximum efficiency in weight loss belts and is found not only in the Chocolate Slim composition but also in other similar products.

Chia seeds are abundant in fatty acids, minerals and essential vitamins in the fight with free radicals, and are also a sweet appetite inhibitor.

Ganoderma takes care of the fight against bad cholesterol and goji is known as a true fat-divulged. I have just listed a few of the qualities of the ingredients and, personally, I can say I’m beginning to understand how this slimming chocolate works.

Important aspects!

An essential stage over which I recommend not to skip in any form is the diet. Even if you use this chocolate powder, even if you use another slimming supplement, the diet is, I could say, the most important element on which your cure’s success depends.You do not have to throw at Dukan or other hard-to-eat diets, but a set of food rules can do wonders (eg do not eat after 19, eliminate frying, fast food and other unhealthy foods in your diet, considerably reduce your consumption bread, sugar, etc.).

In the end, it is a good product if you want to lose weight and become thin. Chocolate Slim is the solution for you. Do not waste your time and try it as soon as possible!

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Fresh Coast Chocolate is Welcoming New Readers

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If you are craving for some chocolate, you’ve come to the right place! Here at freshcoastchocolate.com we focus on bringing you the newest information and most fresh ideas about chocolate, and not only, around the world.

We plan to have only good vibes here, so you enjoy our content while discovering new things about the sweets world. We’re currently working on our website, so stay tuned for our first article that should be coming in the near future. If you have some ideas to share with us, you can write us at tips@freshcoastchocolate.com.

We thank you for your interest and hope to see you back later!

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