Baby Boom At El Celler De Can Roca: The Need For A Nest And A Psychologist

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The restaurant of Girona, the three Michelin stars and second in the ranking of the World’s 50 Best, has about 60 people in the dance between the kitchen and the dining room. Always together, even in the closing period (in the winter they make the luggage at the time of a tour – in collaboration with the government of the Costa Brava – with the international destinations that are always new to bring the high Spanish cuisine in the world). Obvious that friendships and something more. Over the years, pairs are formed, marriages are celebrated. Brigade are very young, of components with the pages on facebook full of photos of trips together, parties, wedding and… pancioni.

Yes, because not only is it just born a girl, but here in June it will reach the other four. A small baby boom, called it the daily iberian, La Vanguardia, which began with the birth in February of the small Noa Marianna Suarez Of Alexander and Joan Salvador, and will continue in the next three months.

And then, they will become dad cooks Nacho Baucells and Hernan Luchetti, then the waiter Enrique Moreno, and then the sommelier specializes in distillates Joan Carbò.

In short, as has jokingly confirmed cuisine Joan Roca, is it really true that “cooking is love”.
But, the news on the curiosity, is that do not exclude to open a “guardería”, a nursery for their employees and new mothers. The one that was in the beginning was just a joke of the Roca is becoming more and more an idea to not discard. “In the end – continues Chef Joan – we have always been on the cutting edge and in this of course we would be next”.
Already, a nest for employees to now is only seen in large companies in the North of Europe, and now we are thinking about a Catalan restaurant. This is emblematic not only you are working here since he was young, but it feels very protected.

During the pregnancy, Marianna has not been spared, we always work since he could, even during the stages of travel abroad. And now all his dedication has paid off.
“The atmosphere at the restaurant and tells Flavors Marianna Suarez Of Alessandro, the first of the new mothers of our company is cheerful. And it would be great if they could open the nest. The idea may seem crazy, but for us it would be wonderful. We are a big family and we are growing together”.
You can say that again: she began working at the Celler when he was 18 years old and now has 26. Her pregnancy has been greeted with enthusiasm by all, even by Montse, the mother of the Roca brothers, who welcomed Noa was like a granddaughter.

“At the bottom of – said Joan – we are always concerned about the well-being of our employees. We wish that their professional life does not go at the expense of the private one”.
And speaks seriously. Is just a few days ago, in fact, the news that staff meetings were held group therapy with a psychologist.
It’s called Imma Puig, and he comes once a week to talk with employees and work on group dynamics.

“In the kitchen, high temperatures – has explained to the New York Times – a lot of people working high-speed, very close to one another, and with a knife in hand. A place that is sure to arise tensions”.

Stress is not limited to the part of the stove: the sommelier, waiters, and receptionists must meet the needs of demanding customers who arrive from every part of the world, with expectations very, very strong. Well-being then help to manage the tension.


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