Broccoli And Arzilla Yes, But In The Tortello

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(for 4 people)

for the dough

300 g ‘ 00 ‘ flour
3 whole eggs,
semolina flour q.b.
for the filling
1 wing race (about 450 g)
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
1/2 onion
for the topping
500 g roman broccoli
5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 clove of garlic


Prepare the egg pasta dough by placing on a work surface in wood, the flour, forming a small crater in the centre and break the eggs; send to work with a fork, banging at first the eggs and incorporating a little at a time to the flour at the edges

Finish working the dough with your hands, compacting each step to form a ball of smooth and homogeneous; wrap in plastic food contact and let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour to

In the meantime, prepare a vegetable broth light, the celery, the carrot and half the onion, adding also the external parts of the waste from the roman broccoli, as the leaves more coriaceous, and the core. Come to the boil add the wing of the race and let it cook a few minutes, depending on thickness, until the flesh is white and glossy, then drain the fish and let it stiepidire at room temperature

Roll out the dough with a machine, hand or electric, even with the rolling pin, to a thickness of about 1 mm, thin enough that you see the transparency of the hand underlying

Use a fork to take the flesh of the ray and pick it up on a plate; cut with a pastry rings or a glass disks of dough to the egg and arrange in the center of little piles of arzilla. Close to the crescent, sealing the edges by pressing between your fingers, and make sure you get out all the air, and close to tortello around a finger. Sprinkle with semolina flour to prevent sticking between them before cooking.

In a pan heat the oil and let brown the suck of garlic, add the broccoli, divided into florets and cook with a little hot water with a lid. Adjust salt at the end of cooking, taking into account that the broccoli should not discard but stay hard. Withdraw half of the florets with a hand blender, reduce them to a cream, adding a little hot broth to get a smooth consistency and velvety; keep the custard warm until ready to serve

Strain the broth previously used for cooking the fish and bring to the boil, and if necessary add a little hot water and adjust with salt. To the boil lively, dip the ravioli into the boiling broth and cook 2 minutes, as they return to the surface; drain with a ramina and pour directly into the frying pan with the florets of broccoli, rub with a little oil and serve on cream of broccoli.

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