From The Curry To The Almond: The Most Popular Recipes Ethnic-Based Chicken

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Among meats, red or white that they are, the chicken is certainly one of the most versatile and widespread. Easy to cook with nearly all cooking methods and is present in almost all the culinary traditions of the globe, is the basis of some of the recipes for the ethnic most beloved in Italy.

A recent survey DoxaAdvice/Unanitalia, has questioned the italians about their preferences in the matter, and according to the results of the survey, the first in the standings would be the chicken curry with a 35,1%of preferences, followed by the recipe chinese chicken with almonds (31,7%) and the evergreen chicken in sweet and sour sauce that settles at 26.5% of the vote. In closing, tacos, chicken, with 16.9% of the votes, and place Mexico in an environment almost totally monopolized by asian dishes.

And there is no doubt that the ethnic meets the tastes of the Italian people: 85% of respondents having experienced some exotic food, 30% habitually frequents ethnic restaurants or takeaways and the 75% purchase ethnic foods (according to the latest Report of the Coop). Yet it is not as easy to experiment with the ethnic in the kitchen of the house. The dishes of other food traditions are almost always eaten at the restaurant, but they are large absent from our kitchens. To try to meet the needs of the aspiring chef “ethnic”, the blog Viva chicken has created a database of recipes and gather some of the famous chefs, such as .

Here then is a mini cookbook with instructions on how to prepare in the kitchen home recipes most popular:
– Chicken with almonds recipe, very famous in Italy, yet not so widespread in China. A native of the province of GuangDong, it should be prepared “quickly” and flavored with a dash of rice wine
– sweet and sour Chicken, which embodies an oriental flavours all round. The traditional version originated in cantonese, provides morsels of chicken fried in a batter of rice flour, sauteed with pineapple, peppers, onion and sweet and sour sauce
– The Chicken curry, which is one of the ethnic dishes popular in Europe and especially in England, where he even thinks to ask for the chicken tikka masala the certification of protected geographical indication
– Tacos of chicken, a beloved alternative to the central-american at pita Greek or kebab, characterized by strong colors and considerable spiciness.

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