Just Meat (And Milk, And Eggs): If You Are A Vegan It Is Nice, Here Are The Restaurants Not To Be Missed

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The numbers of the choice vegan in Italy? Today amounted to around 8% of the population, those who do not eat meat. Among them, the vegans are just the one percent. On the enclave food in Italy is among the most criticized and least understood in the absolute, in spite of increasing food awareness that is spreading in our country and a substantial increase in the sale of the plant products or alternatives to animal proteins of the +10.5%.

According to the director of Vegolosi, the first online magazine of Italian culture, vegan and vegetarian, “it is an important signal that tells the story of how the culture of food and tradition are changing beyond the definitions and settorizzazioni” and how the information is making a difference. The choice of a vegan, in fact, “you are doing really road in Italy for around 5/6 years, when you’re making a really informed debate”, which tries to debunk the myth that eating vegetarian or vegan means something comparable to the choice “exotic cuisine”.

A virtuous circle, which in recent years has led to a greater presence of local dedicated to vegan in Italy: shops, restaurants, bars dedicated to smoothies and extracts, but also gourmet restaurants and proposals for haute cuisine. From Milan – with its more than thirty local, in Palermo, is an expanse of local green and veg friendly, each with its own choice and its philosophy, always more dedicated to the reading of the tradition in key vegetable. That does not mean, as pointed out by the Jordanians, “distorting the recipes. The Italian tradition is rich of dishes based on vegetables, legumes and cereals, which are the true basis of our power. The restaurants that comprise this sense are certainly a quality service to the culture of the “100% vegetable”.

To try to find their way in this mare magnum of the restaurants green, Flavors, has curated a section dedicated to major Italian cities. Here is the section in the Centre and North:

With over thirty-one restaurants, vegan spread across the city, Milan holds the record, at the time unbeatable, of common the most veg friendly of Italy. Led the way, over all, the restaurant Joia to Pietro Leeman. Here between gazpachi, risotto and a delicate homage to Gualtiero Marchesi (Cream of potatoes and leek new pesto of hazelnuts of piedmont, piattoni, foam, soft of prized truffle of Norcia and chips potatoes with turmeric), the chef has invented and continues to offer as a pioneer of the vegetarian and vegan haute cuisine. Around this core develops in a radial pattern, the vegan world of Milan. In the area of Porta Venezia, in the immediate vicinity of Joia, a few restaurants dedicated to raw food vegan, to raw vegan: Mantra, in via Panfilo Castaldi, that contains a mini market, and the V3Raw, that puts a lot of attention to the nutritional value of the dishes vegan and its dissemination and knowledge. And you will find historians, such as Colubrina, which since 1983 is a gourmet cuisine, but with ingredients exclusively cruelty free. Not far away, Food’, a restaurant with traditional cuisine reworked with “an eye on the balance between grains, vegetables, legumes, and soy protein, and wheat” and one of the Radicetonda, among the few in Italy to be certified 100% organic, with a second office in piazza Buozzi.

Just move to new gate, to find another little world. Goat and cabbages, for example, a local vegetarian-vegan cooking, and a good attention to the dishes and their composition, and Soulgreen, where the kitchen is “plant-based, but not a waiver of flavors and amazing colors, to improve their physical and mental health”. Cutting-edge vegan, but also places appearance a lot more easy, such as Rosemary and Fork, green, delicatessens, vegan, and among the first in Italy to fill what is still an industry that languishes: the necessity of the removal. Instead, if you are a tourist and you are in the area of the Royal Palace, or been to visit the art Gallery and you peckish, in the district there are three addresses: Lovegetarian, a small franchise of the city, which wants to be a union between a fast food vegetarian and a frullateria, mainly active in the lunch break and in the hours pomerigiane. Also offers vegetarian dishes and gluten-free. A short distance away we find Govinda, a restaurant indian-specialises in vegetarian and vegan dishes, and The old dairy, where the kitchen is “simple and rustic” of the territory, meet the new needs of those who do not eat meat.

Only open for lunch. Porta ticinese? As every district of Milan, here too, the restaurants, the vegan options abound. From a simple trattoria, the two of Us to frullateria The Plum, passing for Ghea, a restaurant with a menu that strictly follows the seasons and sources of supply-local” and therefore difficult to replicate. And then Be Bop, which filled the Navigli, is the “freedom food ” his strength”, by accepting and attempting to meet any type of need for food. And if the Giambellino now there is Gaber who sings, we can find Towards the Green, a bistro with a lounge area with a garden and relaxation area. In via Carlo Farini 70, we find one of the most original places of the whole city: La sana gola, restaurant, vegan, with great attention to the holistic disciplines, which is also a school for therapists, food, cooks, chefs and holistic professionals. And then, scattered through the streets of the city with the most different points of sale chains of franchise vegan more diffuse as the Universe vegan and Flower Burger, which has a population of at least five points of sale throughout Milan.

Although smaller than Rome, Turin has twenty-one local dedicated to this type of power, confirming its position as the city have the highest rates of restaurants with vegan / inhabitant, for the most part concentrated in the center of the city, except for Chef nature, via Varaita 1, a bistro born from the union of an archaeologist with a chef diploma at La sana gola, Milano, which also offers catering for events and cooking courses for those who want to learn how to create dishes for vegan, that differ from the pre-packaged from the supermarket.

The courses of vegan cuisine for the fans, are very popular in the city and offer it in various restaurants, such as Oh! My Bio is in via Cesare Balbo. Just away from the center is also Taste vegan, a local joint where you can eat lunch, make a good aperitif, and also buy organic food and macrobiotic food to take home. Spread below the mole, the philosophy of Raw, which here has a major exponent of in the Soul Kitchen, cuisine, raw food, mixing techniques, flavors, ingredients, and flavors from all over the world, taking care of the environment, food and visual aesthetics, a factor often underestimated. A few steps from the egyptian museum, the restaurant Coox, open 365 days a year and throughout the day, with ingredients plant not pretreated and delivery and well-functioning. And Jujube, the first trattoria vegan of Turin, a comfortable and cozy, decorated with rustic, wooden furniture, many of which are salvaged and restored, for a simple but tasty cuisine.

Among the stops on the most curious and interesting, The Garden – already Salsamentario, a local vegan site in what was once a dealer of salamis, where he teaches stands still in the restaurant today, because it is subject to the constraint of cultural heritage as memory of the city. Also common on the banks of the Little delis, such as Salt, in via Santa Chiara and Altrimodi, via Giustino Fortunato, that the resale takeaway with the possibility to eat on site. Everything, as normal in a big city, interspersed with fast food and big chains, such as Flower Burger.

Friedrich Nietzsche described it as “a south that has lost the colors.” Genoa is still today a major port and a city open to the world, in his way, including one vegan. Also on the gulf of genoa, in fact, came from different addresses, and local companies that adopt this philosophy. Different and heterogeneous, such as the InFusion, a restaurant with a menu of the day, all-inclusive, but also a bar for smoothies, catering for themed events, retailer of organic products plant-based and local approach to Yoga, with courses of various levels. A little farther on, in the square of the Lamb 41, Soul Kitchen, where the possibility of a menu of meat and fish is side-by-side a wide choice of vegetarian, vegan and raw vegan. All in an old paper mill, the ancient maritime republic, today readapted as a restaurant.

Close to the Villa Bombini Saluzzo, we find The kitchen of Judith – with a setting of recipes a bit more homely, but attentive to the nutritional values and linked to the offerings of the local market – and the Bombay Tandoory, an indian restaurant with paper with a good proposal of dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with a wide choice of recipes with rice and vegetables. Apart from the inevitable Zazie, concludes with the very trendy and loved the Rosette restaurant located in the heart of the movida genovese, joined the Brewery and Gineria 28 herbs, of the same property. The restaurant lives in an environment that is extremely family and offers a menu of both veg that vegetarian, based for the most part on the unique dishes, or mix of tastes, suited to those who want to vary the taste, for a good lunch break.

Bologna. A city that certainly as the first thought is not conducive to a plate of salad or food that is plant-based. But in spite of the other vocations gastronomic capital of emilia, in the shadow of the two towers you can enjoy a good offering for vegans and vegetarians. First of all, the Botany lab, which joins a section of the menu, raw food to a cooked, keeping as common denominator the use of only plant products, and bio. Always in the center, we can then find, walking, bars and restaurants offer very different.

The nature Center – a local dedicated to holistic disciplines, which combines vegan cuisine courses of various types, naturopathy, shiatsu -, the Other in Bologna, which has given new life to an old town market, creating a wine bar, a restaurant, a pizzeria, and various shops. Or still Bruscè, that to via degli orefici offers salads and sandwiches – also gluten free – both veg that fish. Many of the local, in Bologna, where you work a lot on your aggregation and information vegan.

This mould are Ginger, a restaurant that organizes various meetings and conferences, and Extravagant, a cafe-fairtrade with organic cuisine, where you can borrow a book and read it while having your lunch break. There are in fact, in a major university town in Italy, vegan bar, and fast food to vegan, from large franchises like Zazie, to places such as the Fram Cafe, a name inspired by the sense of “change” is a bar which organises events and graduation parties, themed green.

Not only florentine steaks, to the contrary. Florence has a population, in its old, more than ten restaurants vegan, to which are added other addresses scattered in the more remote districts. Not only fast food, as the Universe Vegan, what is here in the center, but also offers a number of ways. For a sweet tooth, as Sweet Vegan, mostly based on the cake and the delivery, or for lovers of the stars, at the restaurant of The Fairies, in addition to a menu veg can also buy a framework for astral full. All this is not far from The Vegetarian restaurant vintage opened in 1981, is the pioneer of the catering vegan in Florence and among the first in the whole Country.

Many bistros, such as The Desco Via Cavour, The Vegetarian, the Loveg Bistro, The Ov Osteria Vegetarian, both of which are not far from the Arno, or even the Library Brac, which combines a meal that is vegan and good level with a well-stocked library, a wine cellar and themed meetings. There are also gourmet restaurants that have embraced the philosophy vegan, as the Konnubio, run by chef Beatrice Segoni in via dei Conti 8, with a cocktail bar attached. Closes the circle The Collection, a vegetarian restaurant with a good proposal a vegan and a market dedicated to those who want to shop organic and macrobiotic outside by the big distributions.

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