Milan Becomes Food City: A Week From The Capital Of Food

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So far, the Design week was the most “hot” of the calendar in milan. Now, however, there is the Food, the new ace are again dominating the collective imagination, which in the first decade of may gives rise to an impressive number of initiatives (and a little bit of confusion, since the names often are very similar). The Municipality has planned to bring them together under the title of Milan Food City. And it is evident that the city continues to move forward in the path marked out by the Expo: the culture of food, in all its aspects, giving priority to those virtuous (healthy foods, crops are sustainable, the fight against waste), but without excluding those hedonistic (tastings, excellencies, large chef’s at work). The whole city is involved, the neighborhoods, the palaces, the markets, the streets and squares, bars and restaurants, in a true festival of tastes.

Salad spaghetti with tomato sauce, basil, and olives of Andrea Berton

Taste of Milano, n edition.8, back to The Malle, piazza Lina Bo Bardi, in the area of the recent skyscrapers of Porta Nuova up to the 7th of may, entrance 16€. Involves 20 chefs in and around Milan, each of which prepares four dishes, available with 6, 8 or 10 ducats (1 ducato=1 euro). A way, as the name suggests, to try the taste of milanese catering level, with no svenarsi. They range from the historic star-studded as Sadler, Berton, Aprea, or Vinciguerra to the talented without stars like Okabe, Sironi, Provenzani, Priyan or the new astro peruvian Rafael Rodrigue. The wines of the famous wine cellar of the roman Lazio. Cooking classes and mixology. For the lazy, UberEats and home delivery dishes, Felice Lo Basso and Andrea Provenzani.

At Superstudio più, via Tortona 27, from 6 to 10 (ref. 15 euro) there is, however, the first edition of Italian Gourmet, the high-end of Italy’s gastronomic heritage. Meetings, debates, and 18 chefs with the flavours of regional traditions and of their creations. The real news is that visitors can try their hand at home with one of their haute cuisine recipes, when purchasing a chef box in which the supercuochi have concentrated ingredients and instructions for use. Marco Sacco of the Piccolo Lago di Mergozzo (Verbania), has coordinated the chef: “I have set the theme, the Italian tradition even if revisited “. The value of the found, he says, is “from a part to entertain the people to cook, the other to understand what is behind a dish: the ingredients are excellent, but a lot of attention and care in cooking it and assemble it”.

The carbonara Marco Sacco

He chose the Carbonara au koque, which also has a list in his restaurant: “tasty Dish known throughout the world, the world,” he explains, “that I give the local: instead of the bacon use the raw of the Val Vigezzo, I don’t use spaghetti, but tajarìn the piedmont, not the pecorino cheese but the grana padano. And I will add gin of Lake Maggiore, a special touch”. Claudio Sadler, milanese, is the Risotto milanese from the walk: “Risotto wrapped in a cannoli pasta bric, the spring rolls, and served with a ragout of osso buco”. Marcello Trentini of the Magorabin of Turin, on the other hand chose the roman Fettuccine Alfredo: “Why do I go crazy,” he explains. “I made a bit of piedmont by adding pearls to the nose.” Operation nostalgia for Pine-he claims de La Madia, in Licata (Agrigento), that features Pasta sauce, dad’s, reminding us of the Sunday lunches in the family. Tradition for Walter Ferretto of the Cascinale Nuovo in Asti, which leads Vitello tonnato. And Sal de Riso, a pastry chef well-known on tv, with “lemon Delight” (a tribute to the Coast) and Ricotta and pear cake, a must. The chef box cost 15 euros and contain the need for two portions: very little for a gourmet experience

The rice alla milanese strolling in the street of Claudio Sadler

Then, indeed, first, there is the Milano Food Week, the mother of all weeks of food, created nine years ago by Federico Gordini. That organizes a real “fuorisalone” of the food. Spaziobergognone, in via Bergognone 26, in the Tortona Area, the same as in April celebrates the design, from 4 to 11 may, will be his operating centre. Guided tastings, exhibitions on topics related to food, workshops, showcooking, lessons, tastings are free and dinner every day, including a pop-up of Enrico Bartolini, chef at 4-star, who plays, literally, in the house, because his restaurant at Mudec, Museum of Cultures, in via Tortona.

Amberjack Carpaccio, almond and artemisia Andrea Bartolini

But the initiatives extend to the oil spill: Round Bergognone with the garden of Coldiretti, Porta Genova, Sant’ambrogio, and other districts such as Porta Nuova Garibaldi, Paolo Sarpi, Dock, Port of Venice, the streets and covered markets. Among the many initiatives, the Dinner at the Red Ramazzotti 10, the proceeds of which will go to charity; the food truck at the Base of via Tortona, from 5 to 7 along with the Skate and Surf Film Festival; the 6 and 7 of the Wunder food Market in via Tortona 32; the Pixel Picnics is a picnic, a kilometer long, with a tablecloth of the same size, the Sempione Park; the closing ceremony Shake the chef, cooks and mixologist, is to Snitch on via Tortona.

Pergolas of pumpkins, gardens of Infinite mind, an unexpected variety of plants of rhubarb are among the wonders of botanical edible promise, Horticultural (5 to 7), large exhibition-market of flowers and plants that transforms each year the central Gardens Montanelli in a path heady colors and scents. And that so fits the full title in the week of food. “The interest of the public for vegetables and fruit plants is increasing constantly,” explains the vice-president Filippo Pizzoni, the architect and landscape architect, “but grow vegetables on balconies is not easy; so let’s go to degrees, starting to propose to rarity, discoveries, travel, the in-memory plant in Italian”. Among the curiosities of this year, the cocoa plant, that of the mouth (or the guava, the fruit, south american rich in anti-oxidants) and the torzella endive, or cabbage, the most ancient of the Mediterranean, with its 4 thousand years of history. It is not enough. Seen the inexhaustible love of visitors for vegetables, fruits and herbs, Horticultural has decided to also organize special dinners for up to 28 people, a restaurant in via Corsico 1. Where from 4 to 7 chef Marco Ambrosino, a great admirer of the products of the earth, who knows how to turn into masterpieces of taste, create a menu using among other things the spontaneous herbs: asparagus, egg yolk, smoked strawberries, mizuna; squid, fresh garlic, sorrel; ravioli of herbs, sea urchin, mustard; grilled lamb meat, onions, hops, dessert peas, rhubarb and basil. You choose between 4-course menu at 36 euros, or 5 to € 45, discounts with the card is Attributed.

One of the moments of the Taste Of 2016

6 dinner with Cascina Fraschina provides for all a tribute “to cultivate”. Still: Confcommercio organizes Food Friends, with guided tours between art and food, foody bags to avoid waste, cocktails in 5-star hotel (in care of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’europe), grilled in the open air (via Vittor Pisani), wine tasting night in the market of piazza Wagner, also for the 4-legged friends. And much more. In food week Milan breaks in Naples: “he who eats a pizza in one of the 50 neapolitan pizzerias participating receive a voucher to participate in the Napoli Pizza Village, a great feast to be held in Naples from 17 to 25 June. You speak of insects to eat at the Market of the Suffrage, the series is also a mini-film festival on food that includes the projection of The Refectory: miracle in Milan. A project of Massimo Bottura, a documentary by Peter Svatek. In the city, checking also the “foodicole”, kiosks are equipped to sell michette ham with a turn of charity, such as “ambulances” of Intensive Food Care, food truck customized as rescue vehicles that perform a complex operation, no-waste, thanks to Food Genius Academy

But above all, in the Fiera, Rho, there is a Whole Food, important exhibition for the international operators of the sector to which the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’europe feature a fifty chefs from 12 european Countries: dinners, show cooking and excellent products brought in especially from all corners of the continent. Always at the Fair, Seeds & Chips, event created by Marco Gualtieri, makes the point about innovations in the field of food (via the food according to the millennials, the role of packaging, print food in 3D, the supermarkets of the future, agriculture, metro, health and nutrition, superfood, sharing economy) and among the many distinguished guests the 9 hosts the true superstar: Barack Obama, along with Sam Kass, the former chef-director of the White House. Kass will also be, at 19.30, at the Feltrinelli Foundation in viale Pasubio 5, every day of meetings on the food.

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