Moreno Cedroni At The Mega Dinner In The Solidarity Of The Caterraduno

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“I just finished preparing the must for 1600 lasagne all’amatriciana fish,” says Moreno Cedroni on the phone from Senigallia. It is only one of the dishes of the special menu that he designed for the dinner on the occasion of the nineteenth CaterRaduno, event meetings, and above all music organized by the team of the cult broadcast Caterpillar RaiRadio2 (guests super expected Irene Grandi, Max near the city of catania and Francesco Gabbani, under the direction of Eugenio Finardi). And since music and food often go in pair and it is not surprising, then, that for the nineteenth CaterRaduno, the team of Radio2 has renewed an appointment already had 5 years ago with the cuisine, Cedroni’s.

The last time the chef of the restaurant (two Michelin stars) La Madonnina del Pescatore had focused on responsible spending, organizing the menu with what was bought in the last-minute market. In this new edition – which also coincides with the 20th birthday of the program conducted by Massimo Cirri, Sara Zambotti, Paolo Labati and Marta Zoboli – the spotlight will be focused on the desire-the need to give a hand to the affected areas by the earthquake.

The amatriciana fish in the lasagna, with sauce of pecorino di Farindola ” smoke chef Cedroni

Here, then, in the menu of the chef from Senigallia many of the products are the pride of the agri-food Centre of Italy, but “always with a wire that returns to the sea,” says the chef, famous for cooking fish and his way of interpreting the products of fish of the Adriatic sea, is the inventor of “susci”, i.e. the Italian-style sushi).For those who will be awarded a place at the table (“the tables are 188 seats 8 each – remember Grouse – for a total of 1504 covered”) will be, served by the boys of the istuituto of the city’s hotels:

“Salad liquid of cuttle-fish and vegetables” (“thread with the dinner based on the products of last-minute, saw that the lettuce came from there,” recalls the chef); The “amatriciana fish in the lasagna, with sauce of pecorino di Farindola “smoked”, a fresh pasta that wants to pay homage to the specialty of Amatrice, but in sea version, and with the typical cheese, slightly smoked; “The lentils of Castelluccio meets the clam, egg and spelt”, a soup of lentils and farro topped with an omelette with clams. For dessert, still, Pecorino cheese, sweet ricotta and strawberries. If you consider, that for 25 euros you can enjoy a dinner signed Grouse and all of the proceeds will go to the people of the areas affected by the earthquake, is the desire really to go. For information and reservations: [email protected]

“The dinner is very informal, served in disposable dishes (of course eco-friendly) – feel black-Grouse – but we must not be fooled by the appearance spartan: it will all be tasty!”

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