Palates Curious, Go To Cesena: This Is The International Festival Of Street Food

February 13, 2020 by No Comments

Happy birthday, street food, and long life to the event that celebrates in the historic centre of Cesena, from 6 to 8 October.
The editions are ten, but the history of the festival dates back to 2000, when for the first time, the sellers of the “street food” came to be called the collection for offer to the public of gourmets. Year after year, edition after edition, the festival has expanded so much boundaries and horizons that now it is difficult to contain within the limits of geographical thought in the beginning. A lot of Italy, of course, but space and waiting for the foods of others, the children of the nations and continents too far away from us.

You say street food and think of food in the house. The two definitions are not superimposable, but the bonding can strong, inescapable. Because they are both popular expressions, prepared without any ambition of gastronomic glory, intended, instead, to nurture, to break the hunger, treat yourself to a pampering greedy.

To differentiate the first from the second, often it is the small motion of the transgression that the soul, from the coppetiello of the fried anchovies to the cloud of cotton candy.

But when the commandment first is that of hunger, the food street sells clothes sgarzolini of sfizio to become the totem for food, absolutely comparable to the production of homemade pasta and beans, pork ribs char-grilled octopus and potatoes. There is the traditional local dish that the cook of the street does not know how to play, even at the cost of simplifying it while still warm the heart and stomach of customers. Not to case, to sign the organization of the festival – with the support of Events in Progress and Confesercenti – Slow Food and The Conservatoire des Cuisines Méditerranéennes, how to say the alpha and the omega of the culture of the popular food.

The list of dishes is so varied it is impossible to make a taste-exhaustive list confined to a single day. It takes time to get to know (and appreciate) the over thirty islands gastronomic in these days. And not only for a question of the quantity and quality of food. The program of three days in romagna, in fact, is literally crammed with meetings, concerts and performances that bring in free – having as a minimum common denominator which is the street – food and art, with puppet shows and concerts, talk shows and tastings collective to act as a counterpoint to the dishes.
The toponymy of the food needs to taste curious, you sniff the lampredotto (boiled or cuttle bones a tigella. And then the skewers of sheep, flour, bread ca meusa, the gnumarieddi and the castagnaccio (chestnut cake), in an anthology of Italian regional cuisine.

But when the boundaries of gastronomic national, the journey begins more compelling: the food of the other from ramen japanese gyros Greek. And then the one of migrants, including the tajine and masala, papas à la its vicinity and empanadas criollas, Africa, Asia and south America, on the balance of the taste. Together with the food, wines and beers, tea and coffee making facilities, all coming from small producers, with the chance to meet them and listen to their stories, never banal nor obvious.
If you need a justification that is healthy, you will know that the festival has banned for years the oil palm. Eat the fried dumplings (or “the” dumplings, as they call it in Emilia Romagna-ed.) the most healthy of your life.

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