Table Table Between The Kitchen (Open) Of The Apulia

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And then came the day of the Open Kitchens. After the wineries, the desire to see the grass from the roots has infected the world of catering. Tap instead of watching, ask directly, and not to suffer the dialogues pre-packaged MasterChef and similar, smell and taste where the television can only offer virtual food. So, Saturday, September 30 in thirty restaurants from puglia of medium-high level, scattered among Peschici and Otranto, head-to-tail to a region that is very long (over 400 miles) tourists and fans will be welcomed to the arms and pots open for the first edition of a one-day-a symbol of quality catering.

The idea is to Vittoria Cisonno, historical soul, and volcanic promoter of eno-gastro-tourism in puglia. To her goes the merit of having first identified the best producers, farms and local good food. “Puglia is served” was for years the bible of the tourism quality, updated guidance, and is never trivial to the best facilities in the region reached this point – especially thanks to the visionary of the then-president Vendola – to the top of the vacation offer national. At the end of 2016, however, the pages have become tight and, above all, inadequate to support the natural evolution of the project. That means going well beyond the simple reporting of the best addresses in order to trigger the growth virtuous of the tourist offer, from the formation of the new generation of workers with the promotion of the individual territories.

With the excellent way to raise the bar, hoteliers, producers and restaurateurs have come out of the contingency of the guide to join in the new consortium. To preside over it, Beppe Schino, architect electrocuted on the way of the good food, the owner of one of the restaurants most educated and among the Bari, the Gosh. “At a time when the media tend to give a glossy image to the world of catering and gastronomy, Open Kitchens reveals what happens every day behind the scenes of a restaurant. Those who on 30 September will visit our facilities will be able to ”.Quality, care, professionalism, ethics are daily practice of chefs such as Domenico Cilenti and Peter Zito. But it is not enough. To be even more talented and recognized, the restaurants must have a service smooth and professional, knowledge of the territory and of the production of craftsmen, unexpected matches, and calibrated with the wines of the area. Woe to think that, suffice it to say Puglia can be chosen.

Just think about the competition of the countries of the Mediterranean, the near and the surrounding area – Greece, Spain, Croatia, up to the new entry Albania – erode market share more and more consistent. Of course, compared to competing countries, here you start out with an advantage, from the glorious loaves of regrind to the big, extra-virgin oils, passing through the vegetables that are the pride of the apulian land. And then the wines, a time good only to strengthen the pale musts of the north, and today is capable of doing around the world, appreciated and enjoyed, which are rosé elegant, or red rascals.

The format allows the participants to visit the kitchens, talking with chefs, to deepen the knowledge of raw materials, participate in workshops, taste the preparations made before their eyes. And as a corollary, taste the delicacies of the Wine Tourism Movement Puglia and Buonaterra – Tourism Movement of the Oil Puglia, told by the producers themselves. The structures involved will also be hosting themed events: exhibitions, concerts, author’s meetings with journalists and writers, to tell the culture of food in all its forms. If then you carry the swimsuit, together with bagels, and dried figs will bring to the house and even the last swim of the season.


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