The Pride Of The Roman Cuisine: The Poor, Yes, But All The Taste

September 29, 2019 by No Comments

And now the time has come to rediscover and to consecrate, without pretence, and questionable market transactions, the value and longevity of the roman cuisine. The cuisine of the poor, which for years has made the pair with dishes of the tradition boaria capitolina, and on the other hand has its own specificity, and, above all, its validity gastronomic.

It is always said that the beauty and depth of a dish , a cuisine, it combines the recognition and the remember. The more you get up from the table and remains in the mind a taste, definition of taste, a representation of the territory and most of the dish will remain fixed. The roman cuisine for years has been re-imagined with the checked tablecloths, with waiters and free-range, and the towel on the shoulder, with foods that are greasy, watery, heavy, to forget and not to remember.

In the course of the last few years the perception has changed, the cooks are aged and have studied new methodologies, more and more often in the kitchens, gourmand make dishes such as amatriciana, and cacio e pepe, carbonara, meatballs, and the rice croquettes. The results are increasing, with guaranteed success, with memory guaranteed. An evolution that has won the plan the plan guides the traditional, and that has always been a point of pride of the guides of the Republic to the flavors and pleasures of the regions that have focused on excellence and on the beauty food of the territory.

That’s why together with Eataly, The Guides of the Republic have organized the Festival of the roman cuisine, the three days of joy, gastronomic, 25-26-27 November, with the participation of 26 cooks the most representative of Rome. The names are all there, from the michelin starred to the ones that give dignity and success to the roman taverns and of the province.

Some indication? Angelo Troiani will make his chicken with peppers, Anna Dente, the lamb offal with artichokes, Marco Coppola baked patatoes with bacon, Benito al Bosco mezzemaniche with the eggplant and the prawns, the Strain with Emanuele May propose the nuggets of oxtail, Roy Caceres of Metamorfosi the egg to the carbonara, Giovanni Hats of Tamarisk salt cod salad of chicory hearts and anchovies, Paris the artichoke alla giudia, Enzo al 29, her wonderful meatballs to the sauce, Mary Paolillo of Enoteca Ferrara, the boiled beef in the picchiapò manner, Care of the Washer the bacon green.

A plate of the owner of the Bon Now of Grottaferrata, is from the site of the local

And still: Stefano Chinappi carpaccio, vulpine, Riccardo Di Giacinto is the summary of carbonara, Andrea Dolciotti Pigneto 1870 its superb vignarola. And then again, lots of other chefs and restaurants symbolic as Red fish, Mama Angelina’s, the Maisonette, Iodine, Marzipan, Better Fresh, LeJardin de Russie, Benito al Ghetto, the Innkeeper of the Bon now, Cacio e Pepe, Flavio al Velavevodetto, the Focarile, and many others.

An appointment not to be missed during which there will be a preview of the exception that concerns the leadership of Rome and Lazio of the Republic to the flavors and pleasures of the Region that will have its first contact with the public, even if the presentation of a true and there will be next Monday, two days before the arrival on newsstands and in bookstores. During the three days from Eataly, there will be an unbroken sequence of meetings, cooking shows, music and events. Via expect.

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