Turin: In The Yard Of The Edit, The Gastronomic Offering That Gives A Nod To The Sharing Society

January 12, 2020 by No Comments

Call it what you will, sharing, or sharing. But the idea behind the Edit, the gastronomic offering that is emerging in the Barrier of Milan, is new really, at least for Turin. And, as happens to many new ideas, and part from a very normal to translate this into an offer that’s new. So by Edit (which stands for “eat, drink, innovative, together “ and that is “eat, drink, innovative together ) you will find, on two floors and a surface area of about 2 thousand square metres, of things already known: a pastry bar, a pub brewery, a cocktail bar, a restaurant. But nothing will be only what it seems, because, in practice, all the facilities will be used not only as a customer.

Amateurs or professionals will rent to produce beer by himself, cooking, and so on, as they explained, yesterday morning, the creators of the initiative, the former banker biella Marco Brignone with the children, Andrea and Gianluca. And John Rakes, the young manager who they have chosen as the chief executive officer of the Edit. The home is a wing of the former Incet, via Cigna, the Italian Industry cables electrical Turin, founded at the end of the Nineteenth century by the Tedeschi family and then passed to the Pirelli’s, which closed in 1968. Purchased by the Municipality, it has been partly renovated with Eu funds and provision for start-up entrepreneurial and cultural activities.

On the other hand, put up for auction, was purchased by the Brignone. Who have made the project Edit. That is still under construction (the opening is expected in the fall), but already makes you understand what it will be. On the ground floor there will be the Bakery Cafe, a large space with a bar and a pastry (the latter managed with the advice of Pietro Leeman, chef at the milanese restaurant Joia and master of vegetarian cooking). But the “cafe” will also be available to work, for those who basically want a space for small meetings or to find “inspiration”. We then move on to pub: 250 seats, a convivial table of 24 meters and a steel counter that will offer dozens of draft beers, and half “outside”, the other produced in the craft brewery with everything you need. That will be on view and available to anyone to produce the “own” beers, under the guidance of an experienced brewmaster. The pub will also offer a catering and pop pizza and leavened signed by the veronese Renato Bosco, one of the great innovators in the sector in Italy.

A scale of spectacular take you to the first floor, the lounge area which will host the cocktail bar run by the young people of turin in the Barz8 of corso Moncalieri. The restaurant, whose kitchens have been entrusted to the brothers of vercelli, Christian and Manuel Costardi (already loads of stars, hats, and forks in their local “native”). A large central kitchen at sight, surrounded by seating at the bar, a room with tables and more traditional. And an idea of catering high, but innovative, light also in the costs. Then the “shared kitchens”: that is, four professional kitchens (they look out on a room of 140 square metres) that will be made available to be rented by small enterprises of catering that does not have spaces and sufficient means, but also companies that wish to organize masterclasses, private events, or team building. Or for show cooking, and educational activities.

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