Write Food: In The Reborn City Of Science Of Naples And The Culture Of Eating Well

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“It is strange that the mediterranean diet, world heritage, should be so hard to find in his area of choice, the south of Italy, spaces, and information disclosure. For this was born our salon”. So Gianfranco Nappi, head of special projects City of Science and area “Gnam Village” has to Write about Food, the first exhibition of publishing and wine of Southern Italy in Naples from the 23rd to the 26th of march. The location is not random. The “city of Science has made a conscious decision to dedicate a space to the food culture and the mediterranean diet” and working on this event “from one year”. The idea is that a complex event that can answer the question “how and when to write about food today,” in view of the “promotion of a just culture of food”, a concept which, as she says Nappi, is the basis of the area of CdS dedicated to the food, like all activities of this mega reality of the Italian research, is based on the triad: training, research and quality business.

A journey into the history of food, cuisine and in the relationship between cooking and health, in agriculture and in the works of prose and poetry that relate to the food. This awaits those who decide to venture into the area of Bagnoli and the recently reborn after the fire of 2013. There will be meetings with authors and with the great chef Alfonso Iaccarino, meetings on the pizza with Giuseppe Vesi in the oven, and especially moments of training. “The didactic part – tells Nappi -has always been essential for us. For this reason, we have dedicated to the hotel institutes and agricultural, the range of half-day”, where they can express themselves in a cooking show and learn not only cooking techniques, but the fundamentals of the culture of food”.

Fundamental to the organisers “to help the professionals of today and tomorrow in the field of gastronomy to create a framework of” cultural in the wine and food; a way to “overcome the specializations or at least put them in a general framework, strong and structured”. Refer to this special intention “dietary Prescriptions in the Medical School of Salerno: a lesson from the past” by Maurizio Bifulco, and other lectio particular as the focus of Franco Gardini on the cuisine and the history of the middle ages. One of the windows and the most ample and interesting will be “The Yellow in the dish,” a series of meetings dedicated to wine and food in the literature of yellow, the passion of the Commissioner Montalbano for the good food passing by the readings on the sense of thrill in Edgar Allan Poe, writing workshops and much more that will see, among the speakers to tip the neapolitan writer Maurizio De Giovanni.

To shore up the four days of the event of the moments of the show, food and wine – and not only – as the dinner theme” from the nineteenth century which will be held on Saturday evening at 20 in the areas of Gnam Village, and the time of closing, in memory of Edoardo De Filippo: three moments of a story by characters such as Julius Moustache and Luigi Necco, to close with a tribute to the “recipes of eduardo,” the children of the Istituto alberghiero “G. Rossini” of Naples, with a dessert of Antonio Cafiero.

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