Yeasts And Panettone Protagonists In Parma (Yes, Even In The Summer)

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It is the one of Paco Torreblanca the “Best panettone outside of Italy”. The master pastry chef (Spanish, an authority in the Iberian Peninsula from the internationally acclaimed, has made the christmas cake – but also of the easter dove, in the spring – one of its flagship products. A member of Relais Desserts, the group that brings together the best pastry chefs all over the world, and founder of the International School of Pastry Arts, his art is a gift of the family: the father was a pastry chef before him, and the son, is following in the footsteps in the three laboratories of the Spanish, Valencia, Alicante and Petrer.

He will be the guest star on the 24th of July in Parma at the “Night of the masters of the yeast”, an event in which he will be conferred the lifetime achievement award for being “among the most innovative professionals in the world, capable of revolutionizing the whole pastry iberian and not only”.

The Spanish master Paco Torreblanca

Fil rouge of the evening will be the leavened sweet bread originated in Milan but spread in the world. You talk about it in the summer because, as emphasized by the organizers, the objective is to make timeless a product that is already legendary. “Is the mirror of the Italian pastry in Europe – stresses the Chef Mario Berti, teaching coordinator of the international school of cuisine ALMA and the origin must be enhanced through the products that we represent”.
Via free then to cakes 365 days a year, even under the umbrella. Among the other desserts prepared for the evening, the one chosen by the students of the advanced Course of pastry shop of ALMA is indeed a cake by the taste of the cool summer, that marries lemon and licorice.
Also, during this sweet Night, you can taste over 60 different types of yeast, all strictly handmade. To “promote the consumption throughout the year,” and to raise awareness among customers of the importance of the type of yeast used, will be also distributed the jars containing yeast and the participants will be explained the importance of the use of a yeast “alive”, and his plus undeniable: the final product will always be different, unique.

The master pastry chefs

Thirty, a number of important, the Teachers of the leavening invited to the evening. Not only pastry chefs, “classical”, as shown by the presence of Renato Bosco, known by the general public for his pizzeria Saporè – recently awarded with the 10th place on the list of 50 Top Pizza -but the master of the yeasts in all respects, passionate about as sweet as salty. At her side, the umbro Francesco Favorito, founder of the World Gluten Free Chef Academy, that brings in the square of parma, his panettone innovative, suitable for celiacs and anyone with food allergies.

Many of the great protagonists of this world by Gino Fabbri, the guest of honor Achille Zoia, among the fathers of the Italian pastry contemporary, up to the maestro Luigi Biasetto, best known for his television role in the transmission of Rai 2 “The biggest confectioner” and a figure of reference in the gourmet world for years. Famous, and beautiful, his sculptures of sugar that are born thanks to the suggestions of a trip to Venice, where he learned the art of the glass masters.

The teacher, pastry chef Sal De Riso,

For an event full of panettone without boundaries, space and time, could not miss two of the pastry chefs who made this art, starting from the South: Sal de Riso, has already won an award in 2012 for the Best Panettone cake in Milan, KING Cake, and in 2013 and 2015 for the Best panettone of milan; then the master pastry chef Salvatore Seagull of Pompeii, known for his interpretation of the sweet milanese in the key bell, award-winning in 2015 in Turin for the Best Panettone creative.
Appointment then at Parma, under the “Portici del Grano” among a lot of cooking shows, meetings and tastings that, as its food critic Andrea Grignaffini will draw a essential journey of taste in dive.


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